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Summer 2015 Noontime News
Summer 2015 Noontime News

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Noontime Concerts Summer Fund Drive

Celebrating Summer

The summer solstice heralds the beginning of summer and Noontime Concerts is celebrating the season with three months of virtuosic performances. Each week you will enjoy an impeccable sampling of music performed by exceptionally talented local and international artists.

Plan to join us each Tuesday at 12:30 pm in Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral for your weekly musical lunch break.

 Celebrating Summer
 Summer Fund Drive
 Concert Calendar
 Building for the Future

We’re Counting on You

Think of middle C, a very good place to start. Perhaps you can even hear the note, but you don’t have to be a musician to know that everyone has to start someplace. At Noontime Concerts we start with you. Every week you give us the motivation to present extraordinary music in an ideal setting.

Think about a memorable at a experience you had at a Noontime Concert and the value it added to your life. Our mission is to bring you this experience every week, but we need your help.

With your donation of $20.15 or more
You will help Noontime Concerts continue to present memorable performances this year while supporting a community of talented musicians.

Think again of middle C
Hear the clear and vibrant note in the gorgeous acoustics of Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral. Now think of C as standing for more than just a note. Think of C standing for community, craft, creativity, collaboration, culture─and cellos, clarinets, concertos, and cantatas, thanks to you!


“One reliable sign of summer is the annual programming of preview concerts for the Midsummer Mozart Festival, whose Music Director is George Cleve, in the Noontime ConcertsTM series at Old St. Mary’s Cathedral. Every summer Cleve prepares two programs consisting entirely of music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in performance that reliably and vividly emphasize the significance of Mozart’s place in music history.”

Stephen Smoliar,

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You can support extraordinary musical presentations with a donation of $20.15, $5, $25, $50, $100 or more.
Visit and click “Donate” or mail your check to Noontime Concerts,660 California Street, San Francisco, 94108


Concert Calendar
Stratos Quartet Machiko Kobialka, piano
Mariya Borozina, violin Miles Graber, piano
August ─ Piano Month4
Machiko Kobialka, piano

Brian Connor, piano

Natalya Lundvedt, piano

Hillary Nordwell, piano

Summer 2015
2015 Summer Fund Drive Success Means a Sunny Future at Noontime

The Noontime Concerts experience builds on a legacy from the early days of the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields concert series from wartime London. During the blitzkrieg of World War II, and nightly bombardment in the city, Dame Myra Hess discovered the essential value of this music, continuing this series throughout the war. Its value was most keenly understood at that moment of great danger and at a point when the fragility of human life was ever-present in war-torn London.

At Noontime Concerts, we honor that legacy and are optimistic that the series will continue for many years. This will involve our hard work and your continued participation.

Plans that the Noontime Concerts’ Board of Directors has reviewed are included below for you to see and consider. So please remember, that as your tax-deductible support keeps concerts alive in an immediate sense, you are also ensuring a future for the series as we build toward that future.

Building for the Future

Here are a few of the exciting and emerging plans to ensure Noontime Concert series can be a lasting part of the life of San Francisco:

  •   Deepening our engagement with our mission of a free selection of extraordinary classical music performances presented for the public
  •   Building audience to reach all ages and communities in the Bay Area
  •   Broadening our relationships and commitments to partnering institutions in the Bay Areamusic community
  •   Maintaining an open dialog and partnership with local and touring musicians to reinforce our continuing role in the developing careers of artists
  •   Increasing the visibility of the series to make Noontime Concerts truly accessible to as many as would like to partake
  •   Continuing to reach out to you to find out what you are thinking
  •   Expanding our audio-visual reach by formalizing a quality “electronic venue” to somedaypresent the richness of Noontime Concerts on new media and over the internet
  •   Considering alternative modes of offering music content to you the audience
  •   Developing educational content and toolkits for leaders seeking out aspiring young musicians and fostering future generations of music lovers
  •   Providing regular updates and conversations with the local community centered on how this music enhances and enriches the cultural life of the Bay AreaDelivering for our 26-year history has relied on your support. So with that in mind, we want you to know about some of the things we’re working on to prepare for another 26 years and more!

    NOONTIME CONCERTSTM is an independent 501 © (3) nonprofit, arts organization Federal ID #94-3123314. We are supported by public donations; donations at concert time; grants and gifts from the San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, Grants for the Arts; the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, the Helen von Ammon Fund for Emerging Artists and people like you!