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Hilda Huang Plays L.V. Beethoven “Hammerklavier” (click below)

This week’s concert has been curated from the Noontime Concerts concert library for your viewing pleasure at home.


L.V. Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 29 in B flat Major, Op. 106, “Hammerklavier” (run time 43 min.)




About Today’s Featured Musician

Pianist Hilda Huang was the first prize winner of the 2014 Leipzig International Bach Competition. Critics have hailed her a “phenomenon… Her strong sense of counterpoint is displayed with such crisply designed finger work, that for stretches of the concert, I thought I was hearing Her (Rosalyn Tureck) in reincarnation.” She has been praised for a “mind [that] can multi-task and … ears [that] can ‘multi-listen.’”

Huang has the distinction of being the only pianist to have received top prizes in the Leipzig (2014), Würzburg (2010), and Tureck (2010) International Bach Competitions. Her work with Bach has garnered features on Discovery Channel’s, BigThink, NPR’s and PBS’sFrom the Top, and Michael Lawrence’s documentary film, Bach and Friends.