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Steve Lin, guitar
Steve Lin, guitar

Guitarist Steve Lin has concertized throughout the United States, Italy, the Philippines, and Taiwan. He is acclaimed by Classical Guitar Magazine as “a confident player with a powerful sound, quick hands, and a solid musical memory” and praised by American guitar virtuoso Eliot Fisk as a performer who “plays with an innate and uncommon elegance.” Steve is the guitar professor at San Jose State University, and he was the first prize winner at the 2006 Boston GuitarFest Competition and the 2001 East Carolina University Guitar Competition. He has performed at the Mérida Yucatán Guitar Festival, Yale Guitar Extravaganza, L’Accademia Musicale Chigiana, ChitarraImperia Festival, and the Stetson Guitar Workshop. A recording artist for VGo Recordings, Steve has released two albums, Eliot Fisk Series Vol. 1, dubbed “innovative and exciting” by Minor 7th Acoustic Guitar Music Reviews, and Imagen, which Classical Guitar Magazine called “brilliant and virtuosic.”