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Frances Blaker, recorder
Frances Blaker, recorder

Frances Blaker received her Music Pedagogical and Performance degrees from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen where she studied with Eva Legêne. She also studied with Marion Verbruggen in the Netherlands. In addition to regular appearances with Tibia, the Farallon Recorder Quartet, and Ensemble Vermillian, she has performed as a soloist and with various ensembles in the US, Denmark, England and the Netherlands. She teaches privately and at workshops throughout the United States, including the Oregon Coast Winds and Waves Recorder Workshop and the Hidden Valley Early Music Road Scholar Program. She directs the Amherst Early Music Summer Festival and was co-director of the SFEMS Medieval and Renaissance Workshop from 1996-2001. She is the author of the acclaimed Recorder Player’s Companion and a collaborator and performer on the Disc Continuo series of recordings.