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Examiner review of pianist Hilda Huang — 2011 July 12
Examiner review of pianist Hilda Huang — 2011 July 12

The recitalist for today’s Noontime Concerts™ offering (“San Francisco’s Musical Lunch Break”) at Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral was the fifteen-year-old pianist Hilda Huang. A student of both piano (with John McCarthy) and harpsichord (with Corey Jamason) in the Preparatory Division at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Huang has already achieved considerable recognition, particularly by winning the top prize in the Seventh International J. S. Bach Competition in Wurzburg, Germany in March of 2010, thereby becoming both the youngest to win the prize and the first American. With her dual major at the Conservatory, Huang has developed not only an understanding of how to approach the keyboard music of Johann Sebastian Bach on instruments of his own period but also the skills to translate such historical knowledge into execution techniques on the contemporary piano…

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