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Joseph Gold, Violin and Jeanette Wilkin Tietze, Piano
September 28, 2021
Joseph Gold, Violin and Jeanette Wilkin Tietze, Piano

Cecil Burleigh: Second Concerto, “The Indian”

Albert Spalding: Etchings

Clarence Cameron White: Levee Dance

Clarence Cameron White: Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen

Jascha Heifetz arrangment: Deep River

Samuel Gardner: From the Canebreak

George L. Cobb and Joseph Gold, arr. Russian Rag

When San Francisco Chronicle Columnist Herb Caen described Joseph Gold as a “giant on earth,” he was referring to that ‘something extra’ which he carries into every violin performance. Little wonder, then, that critics so often choose terms such as ‘fearless virtuosity,’ ‘dynamic personality,’ and ‘colossal’ and then go on to discuss the ‘marvelously rich tone’ which ‘brings the audience to heights of enjoyment.’

Joseph Gold grew up in Southern California, the son of Russian emigre parents. He began his violin studies at the age of eight. A graduate of the University of Southern California, he had the privilege of being coached by the great Jascha Heifetz.

All-Around Musician & Proponent of the Romantic Revival

Mr. Gold, who makes his home in San Francisco, is an enthusiastic proponent of the “romantic revival” of Nineteenth-Century violin music. He is an ardent author and lecturer on his two favorite virtuoso composer-performers, Paganini and Sarasate. Mr. Gold’s numerous publications include his book, Paganini’s Art of Violin Playing, as well as many transcriptions and original compositions. Mr. Gold’s in-depth research into the life and work of Pablo de Sarasate has led to the discovery of unpublished manuscripts.

Although steeped in the tradition of the Romantic style, Joseph Gold’s programs are not restricted to the Nineteenth Century. He is an all-around musician who has premiered and championed many Twentieth Century compositions while maintaining a Baroque repertoire as large as many Baroque specialists.

Joseph Gold’s warm personality and perfectly timed humor make him a popular guest artist on University campuses. He is eminently qualified as an “Artist in Residence” and holds a Master’s Degree as well as three teaching credentials.

Pianist, Jeanette Wilkin Tietze holds music degrees from the Vienna Hochschule fuer Musik, SF State University, and Holy Names University. Her teachers included Oleg Maisenberg, Leonid Brumberg, Carlo Bussotti, John McCarthy, and Marcele Gallez . She has been a Kodaly specialist in various schools and youth choirs in the Bay Area for the last twenty years and also teaches privately.

Jeanette is the pianist for the Vivo chorus of the Young Women’s Choral Project and Organist/Music Director at Holy Innocents Episcopal Church in Corte Madera, as well as a pianist in the Quantum Quintet. In her spare time, she enjoys square dancing with the Tam twirlers and reading spy novels next to her dog Harley.