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Staff, Board, and Organization

Presenting Quality Classical Music Free to the Public
Noontime Concerts is a 501 (c) (3) charitable educational institution dedicated to the presentation of high-quality classical music performances free to the public. The organization is led by an Executive Director and a Board of Directors.

Executive Director
Robin Wirthlin

Board of Directors
Bobby Coleman, Board President; John T. Wetzl, CFO; Rosemary Nightingale, Secretary; Michael Abrahams; Carl Blake; Katy Hill; Ric Overton; Patrick Eng, Clara Hsu

Our Venue
The original site for our series in 1988, Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral has been home to Noontime Concerts for more than fifteen years. Concerts are presented weekly in the historic mission and church. We hope to call this marvelous sanctuary our home for many years to come. Audiences have come to cherish the presentation of works often created to be performed as sacred offerings within the majesty and serenity of a setting such as Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral.

Our Endowment and Your Donations
In 2015 Noontime Concerts established its Board-structured endowment fund to ensure an enduring legacy for the concert series many years into the future. Your donations support our operations as we support and present the extraordinary work of local and international touring artists. However, your legacy donation in any amount now has a home in our ongoing effort to ensure that this music will be available to the public today, next week, and for many years to come.

Concert Production and Promotion

Production Manager
Arron Clark

Audio Video Production Team

John Wetzl Production Unit Manager

Peter Susskind, Director

V. Tran, Video Engineer

Alonzo Bui, Key Grip and Cameras

Arron Clark, Cameras

Administrative Support
Rosemary Nightingale

Artistic Advisors
Peter Susskind

Carl Blake

Public Relations

Stephanie Clarke, Publicity

Caron Shahrestani, Social Media

Web Development

Aleph Incorporated

Information Technology

Patrick Eng, Director


Artistic Advisory Council
Noontime Concerts’ commitment to programming excellence is expressed each week by a diverse community of professional musicians. Our Artistic Advisory Council serves to develop and deepen a robust and collaborative relationship with musicians and academicians whose expertise is essential to accessing the best musical talent and crafting the ongoing musical programs at Noontime Concerts. The panel meets regularly to offer recommendations and to review and evaluate various aspects of program direction and development for the series.

Council Members:  John McCarthy, Brent Smith,  Carl Blake, Robert Sims, Gordon Surface, Peter Susskind, John Wetzl, Robin Wirthlin


2020 Annual Report

Noontime Concerts Annual Report with 2020 fin

Contact Address
Noontime Concerts
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